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Car mount unit IT-3000 for combination with HA-B30CHG


Screen protect cover


Splash protect cover for paperholder


Single paper holder


Adaptor for Vehicle mount

DT-827CAC: 12V car adapter cable

AC Adaptor

AD-S42120AE: AC adaptor for HA-B61IO / HA-B30CHG

USB Communications Cradle

HA-B61IO: Communication (USB, RS-232C and RS-422) and charging cradle (I/O-Box) (w/o AC adapter)

Chargin only Cradle

HA-B30CHG: Cradle (I/O-Box-type) charger (w/o AC adapter)

Lithium-Ion Battery

DT-9723LI: Rechargable battery for IT-3000, 2200 mAh)

AC Adaptor

DT-9020ADPG: AC adaptor for IT-3100)

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