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The future of mobile data collection

The new DT-X11 handheld terminal offers everything you need when on the move. In addition to the powerful Intel£-XScale processor, 192 MB memory and the Windows£ CE operating system 5.0, it is also impressive due to its large-area transflective TFT touch display, which provides high-contrast, color-true images even in sunlight. It comes with 23 ergonomically arranged keys for entering numbers or functions. All common one-dimensional symbologies can be read directly. In addition to the IrDA, Bluetooth® and USB interfaces, mobile radio modules or wireless LAN cards can be used via the integrated PCMCIA slot GPRS or UMTS. This lightweight 350 g MDE satisfies thanks to versatile, integrated data collection and communication standards, and is especially suitable for courier services, commercial drivers, service organisations, forwarding agencies, logistics service providers and for in-house applications in industry and retail.

Ergonomic Design

With its weight of approx. 350g, the DT-X11 is comfortably light. The design of the casing, based on classic mobile data terminals, combines a large touch display with a slim and ergonomic shape. This means that the user can easily hold a package with two hands while also holding the terminal with one hand. This design is particularly appreciated by users in the transport, postal and delivery service sectors.

3.5" CASIO-Super-LCD

Whether it is a case of digital cameras, PDAs or Pocket PCs for industrial use, CASIO's LCD technology is well known for its outstanding quality. The displays represent the highest brilliance, color fidelity, speed and durability. The transflective display of the DT-X11 is particularly scratch-resistant and is constructed throughout from high-grade specialised plastics. It can be easily read under difficult light conditions, even in very bright sunlight. Excellent power management means very low current drain and consequently long operational times, even in the case of display-intensive use.

UMTS capability, versatile: with PC card and Bluetooth®

For the integration of modern data communication standards into efficient business applications, the DT-X11 offers endless possibilities. Complete mobile communication with UMTS, HSDPA, EDGE as well as GSM and GPRS networks is just as possible as transferring data to mobile or network printers and sychronising DT-X11 with a PC. Even the usage of a Bluetooth® modem for accessing the global telephone net is possible. The integrated Bluetooth® interface and PC card slot give users far-reaching plug-and-play solutions.

Dust-resistant and splash-proof according to IP64

CASIO hardware means absolute reliability and durability. Over 250,000 CASIO terminals have already been sold in the transport and logistics sector. These devices prove themselves again and again in a tough daily operational environment. The DT-X11 can withstand a drop onto concrete from a height of 1.2 metres; it is dust and splashproof in accordance with IP64, and is consequently well and truly ready to meet the toughest demands of daily industrial use.

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