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Merchandise management at its best

The DT-930 has everything needed to facilitate operations in procurement, incoming goods control, job data acquisition and inventory control. CASIO's smallest handheld terminal yet also makes your work a lot easier during order picking and traditional stocktaking.

A joy to use in any situation

With a display area of between 0 and 45 cm, adjustable scanning width and an extremely ergonomic shape, the DT-930 is easy to use in almost every situation. It records one-dimensional symbologies quickly and reliably thanks to 100 scans per second. Its acoustic, optical and vibrating acknowledgement also lets you check that scans have been successful, even in unforgiving surroundings and for damaged or faded codes.

210 grams - light and extremely robust

Its compact and light construction means the DT-930 is durable under impact from drops of up to 1.8 metres in height onto a concrete surface. In accordance with protection classification IP54, the robust handheld terminal is also resistant to environmental effects such as dust and water splashes in its normal working life, making the DT-930 particularly suitable for use in the field. The DT-930 works perfectly at temperatures of -20°C to 50°Celsius, so it can also be used in cold storage areas.

Intelligent design and simple operationTop readability and power management

The high-contrast monochrome display for the DT-930 has 126x64 pixels and six adjustable character sizes, so it is easy to use in all lighting conditions, and backlighting on the display and keyboard makes life even simpler. The flat lithium-ion battery that comes with the modern handheld terminal can also be replaced with standard 1.5V batteries (AA-size), if required. The efficient power management means that the operational life of the DT-930 then increases to 200 hours.

Interface diversity and computing power

With a 32 bit RISC processor and 4 MB RAM (16 MB F-ROM), the DT-930 has more than enough computing power to deal with the most demanding applications. Its standard Bluetooth® and IrDA interfaces means that communication with portable printers or host computer systems is straightforward and secure. Your CASIO options include suitable cradles with loading and communication functions, plus a serial interface or USB port.

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