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Mobile data capture with unlimited possibilities

The IT-3000 features a high-speed thermal printer, which transfers records to paper at a rate of up to 28 lines per second. The Microsoft£ Windows£ CE.Net operating system guarantees simple integration in existing solutions and rapid, cost-effective and future-oriented implementation of new, efficient industry solutions. The integrated Bluetooth® und IrDA interfaces and a PC card and SD card slot allow various upgrade possibilities and mean the IT-3000 can be used in a WLAN or GPRS environment. The IT-3000 is extremely stable and robust - the perfect partner in tough industrial environments.

Bluetooth® inclusive

Bluetooth® offers countless possibilities for integrating modern data transfer standards into high-performance industrial applications. From synchronisation between the IT-3000 and PC or the use of a Bluetooth® modem to access the global telephone network, to fully mobile communication via GPRS networks - there are extensive plug-and-play solutions thanks to the integrated Bluetooth® interface.

Drop-proof and splash-proof in accordance with IP54 standard

CASIO hardware is synonymous with absolute reliability and longevity of service life. Over 100 000 CASIO terminals have been sold in Germany in the fields of transport and logistics alone. These devices prove themselves every day as they stand up to rigorous daily use. The IT-3000 will withstand being dropped from a height of 1.2 metres, is dust and splash-proof in accordance with the IP54 standard and can operate in temperatures from -20C to 50C without any problems. The IT-3000 is therefore perfect for logistics services, mobile sales, the service industry, ticketing solutions, courier services, forwarding agents and for internal applications in trade and industry.

3.5" CASIO SuperColor display

Whether in a digital camera, PDA or an industrial-size pocket PC: the original CASIO LCD technology is well-known for its excellent quality. CASIO's SuperColor displays are associated with superb brightness, color fidelity, speed and longevity of service life. The IT-3000's transflective color LCD with 240 x 320 dots ensures the best possible legibility in all light conditions and allows data to be input using the scratch-resistant touch screen: Signatures can be made directly on the display and data can be input using finger pad pressure. Excellent power management means low energy consumption, thereby resulting in long operating times, even with particularly display-intensive applications.

Well thought-out design and simple usage

The IT-3000 makes work easier and increases efficiency in situations where various eventualities, reliability and outdoor capabilities are in demand. Weighing in at approx. 635g, the IT-3000 is nice and light. The casing design of the IT-3000 combines a large touch display with a slim, ergonomic shape. An elastic rubber hand strap on the back of the terminal enables users to hold the mobile terminal comfortably with one hand and guarantees that users can work efficiently without becoming excessively fatigued during prolonged usage. As a result of extremely secure data storage, the IT-3000 also minimises errors. Users will certainly greatly appreciate this design, particularly those working in transport, postal and delivery services.

Excellent connection and interface diversity

The light-weight touch screen IT-3000 terminal, has a high-performance XScale processor with 400 MHz clock and 64 MB RAM and 96 MB F-ROM memory capacity. An SD card slot, the PC card slot (type I/II), an IrDA and the integrated Bluetooth® interface are standard with this terminal. Data stored on the terminal can be transferred to an SD card if required. Wireless LAN and GPRS communication is possible with a PCMCIA card via the PC card slot. The integrated Bluetooth® module enables wireless communication via mobile phone, Bluetooth® Access-Points and much more. There are also two serial interfaces (8-pin, 14-pin), (1 x 14-pin with M55E-model) for connection to external modules.

Mobile magnetic card reader and image scanner

The strong points of the IT-3000 are highlighted whenever payment options and receipt printing are required. For the user, this means convenient purchasing transactions - no matter where or when. The integrated magnetic card reader (M55E and M54E) reads ISO tracks 1.2 (ISO/IEC 7811-2 2001). The optional 2D image scanner conveniently captures data and images. With a CMOS image scanner, signatures, complete labels, and images can be recorded simply and at lightning speed. Two-dimensional codes with large data volumes, such as DataMatrix, MaxiCode or PDF417, can be read directly, as can all common symbologies.

Integrated thermal printer

The integrated high-performance thermal printer is impressive thanks to the fast speed at which it prints and the quality it delivers. It prints up to 28 lines per second. Users also benefit from the fact it is quick and easy to change the paper rolls: simply open the cover, insert a new roll of paper, pull out a length of approximately 2cm of paper and close the cover. The IT-3000 prints paper in a 58mm or 80mm width as required.

Power management

The IT-3000 draws its power from the mains adaptor (100-240V) and the integrated li-ion battery pack (7.4V, 2200mAh). Excellent power management means low energy consumption, thereby resulting in long operating times. A back-up battery is integrated for additional security for user data. Any future upgrades with regard to functionality can simply be copied to the high-performance terminal using software; this is possible thanks to a memory that does not rely on batteries.

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